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Residents in our communities are among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The safety and comfort of our residents is our most important responsibility. Frontier Management is dedicated to creating a safe, healthy environment for our residents, team members, and visitors.

Video Transcript:
Greg Roderick, Frontier CEO: Frontier Management is open for business. We are in the business of taking care of seniors and delivering exception care, exceptional service. We have licensed and registered nurses at every community to make certain that our staff are not only getting just the best training but they are absolutely educated on COVID-19 best practices. Creating excellent protocols and sharing that information, that is an absolute differentiator between Frontier and many of our friendly competitors.

Anne King, Health Services Director: Our families are so grateful for our hard work in keeping their loved one safe.

Marla, Family Member: From the first day my mom was here my mind was immediately set at ease because I knew she would be safe and if I wasn’t with her, I knew that there were people that were caring for her. I would definitely recommend to a friend that they bring their loved one here.

Lesley Durkan, Regional Vice President: I think a great part of moving your loved one into a Frontier community is the relationship that you have with our team. We go about exploring it and developing it a little bit differently now since the guidelines have changed since COVID-19, but it still comes down to having you pick a community where you feel connected and where you feel the trust in saying I’ve chosen a Frontier community, I’m ready to move in.