How to Help Seniors Prevent Accidents at Home

If you have an older loved one that might be struggling to stay safe at home, these five tips on avoiding injuries will be very helpful.
How to Help Seniors Prevent Accidents at Home

This year, September 18-22 is Falls Prevention Awareness Week. Some seniors as they get older, find it more challenging to live safely in their own homes. Whether an injury occurs from a fall or an accident, it is critical that older people take every precaution to stay safe.

If you have an older loved one that might be struggling to stay safe at home, these five tips on avoiding injuries will be very helpful.

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Accidents in the Kitchen

One of the main areas of the home that many seniors get injured in is the kitchen. Some get burned from the stove, or slip and fall from spilled food or liquids on the floor.

Help your loved one realize that they should not be cooking alone, and you are happy to assist them prepare meals for the week. Food that can be quickly heated up in the microwave is very convenient, and will cut down on the chances of an accident.

install grab bars in the kitchen, and purchase a light-weight reacher tool in case they drop something.

Mobility Accidents

Many seniors fall and injure themselves because they are no longer as steady on their feet as they once were. If your loved one is having trouble with walking and moving about, speak to them about using a cane or walker. Utilizing such a device will greatly stabilize their gait as they move around the house.

A cane or walker can prevent your loved one from breaking a hip or becoming severely injured from a fall.

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Adequate Lighting

One of the most effective ways you can help your loved one prevent accidents or falls in the home is to install adequate lighting in each area of the house. Falls often occur because the older person cannot see where they are going, which greatly increases the chance of tripping and stumbling over furniture or other objects.

If you feel that your loved one won’t remember to turn the lights on when they enter a room, install motion sensitive switches that will automatically illuminate the area.

Emergency Alert Technology

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to help your loved one remain safe in their home. There are many alarm companies that offer a small, lightweight medical alert necklace that can be worn at all times. Should your loved one have an accident or experience a medical emergency, they can press the button on the necklace and their local police and fire department will be dispatched to render assistance.

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Medication Issues

Many seniors take multiple medications each day. If your loved one has multiple medicine bottles on the countertop, there is a chance they will take the wrong ones or an excessive dosage of others. Buy them a pill organizer, that has a slot for both AM and PM medication, each day of the week. This simple investment will make a huge difference in helping your loved successfully manage their medication needs.

Helping Seniors Be Safe at Home

One of the realities of getting older is that people tend to be more prone to injuries from falls or accidents. By helping your loved one see the benefit of a cane or walker, preparing meals together to avoid kitchen accidents, installing motion sensitive lighting in the home, organizing medication through the use of a pill dispenser, and utilizing technology such as a medical alert necklace, you will be helping your loved one stay as safe as possible. 

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