Moving a Parent to Assisted Living

In this blog, we will cover how to discuss the idea of a senior living community with an older parent and how to best navigate the process.
Moving a Parent to Assisted Living

It really is true that there is no place like home. For many seniors, the ability to live safely at home diminishes as time goes on. Broaching the subject of moving an aging loved one to an Assisted Living community can be complex and emotionally charged with fear of the unknown.

In this blog, we will cover how to discuss the idea of a senior living community with an older parent and how to best navigate the process.

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Transitioning Elderly Parents to Assisted Living  

Having a conversation with your loved one about the possibility of moving to a senior living community might be difficult. Your mom or dad might not be able to comprehend living somewhere else after many decades in the same home.

It is only natural that they will be apprehensive about it. Before you begin a conversation, it is extremely helpful to have the support of siblings or other family members ahead of time. Achieving a united front with close relatives will go a long way in a smooth transition for your mom or dad should the time come for them to move to an Assisted Living community.

Introducing the Idea

Introducing the idea of an Assisted Living community in a way that helps your loved one understand will provide some peace of mind. Because you can most likely expect some initial emotional resistance to the idea of a senior living community, look for an opportunity to bring the subject up when things are not going well at home.

Whether it be a problem with household maintenance, or an incident with an Activity of Daily Living such as being able to dress, bathe, or use the washroom safely, broaching the subject of a senior living community as an option might be better received when it is clear that your loved one is experiencing some difficulty. 

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Arrange a Tour

Within a short timeframe after your loved one experiences a difficult episode, gently suggest a no obligation tour of a local senior living community. Even though a tour might be initially nerve-wracking for them, the staff of a high-quality community will help to put them at ease.

The professionals at Assisted Living communities are highly experienced and compassionate people, who understand deeply what seniors go through in their later years. With the help of the team at the senior living community, your loved one’s visit will be a pleasant experience and may put them in a better frame of mind regarding the idea of moving there. 

Managing Indecision

Should your parent eventually warm up to the idea of moving to a senior living community, it’s important to be prepared for any backtracking or resistance to the idea that might come up.

It’s critical to remember that this entire concept can be overwhelming to an older person. Nobody likes change and this is especially true for people in their later years.

During this period, it will be important to take the long view on such an emotionally charged process. If challenges at home persist, your loved one may be more willing to accept the idea over time.

Moving to a Retirement Community  

The good news is that despite a period of resistance, doubt and fear on the part of many seniors, moving an elderly parent out of their home and into a senior living community can be a very positive and life enhancing experience for them.

Not only is an older person relieved of the many duties of home ownership, but they are now also in a safe environment where they can enjoy many top amenities and activities with a host of new friends.

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