6 Great Tips for Seniors Battling Loneliness

A variety of factors can cause seniors to feel detached from others later in life, including leaving the workforce, the death of close friends, or family members moving to another state.  
6 Great Tips for Seniors Battling Loneliness

One of the most challenging aspects of aging for many seniors is combating loneliness. Feeling isolated is not only difficult emotionally, but can also have a serious effect on one’s physical health, contributing to conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

A variety of factors can cause seniors to feel detached from others later in life, including leaving the workforce, the death of close friends, or family members moving to another state.  

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Loneliness in Seniors

If you have a loved one who is being affected by isolation and loneliness, here are 6 great ways you can help them reconnect with the people in their lives.

Have Quality Conversations    

One of the simplest ways to help an older loved one with loneliness is to regularly interact with them in meaningful ways.

Schedule a time each week to visit with them, either in person or via phone. If you can’t be with them physically, connect via a video call if possible. This simple act of regular communication will do wonders toward helping your loved one feel acknowledged, and connected.

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Engage the Family 

Involving the whole family in helping your loved one overcome loneliness is a win-win scenario for all.

Whether it be adult siblings, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or cousins, ask your family members to schedule a regular time each week, or on a bi-weekly basis to visit their older loved one in person, by phone, or through a video call. Not only will your senior feel more connected to everyone, but the entire family will be enriched by the experience.

Encourage a New Hobby

Many people throughout their lives discover a passion for a hobby, or an area of study that greatly interests them. Whether it be music, reading, bird watching, puzzles, or visiting museums, encourage your loved one to engage again in activities that bring them joy.

If former hobbies are no longer a possibility, it’s never too late to find a new pastime. Ask other family members to participate with your loved one in their new hobby. This will help everyone feel a greater sense of connection with each other, and provide hours of fun for all.

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Community Service

Volunteering is a great way to help your loved one feel less isolated. Giving back to others has both physical and mental benefits.

Many charities and non-profit organizations need people to help them operate their daily programs. There are numerous volunteer opportunities available at libraries, animal shelters, children’s centers, museums, or hospitals.

Help your loved one find volunteer opportunities that interest them, and will fit well with their physical capabilities.


Local park districts and senior centers often sponsor day trips to local destinations. Assuming your loved one has the physical stamina to participate in such an event, it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, and enjoy something different.

These types of sponsored day trips make traveling easy, as organizers take care of everything, including transportation, meals, and scheduling.

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Moving to a Senior Living Community

For some seniors, there comes a time when living at home alone is no longer the best option. Residing in a Senior Living community offers many benefits, including deluxe accommodations, top-quality food, hotel-like amenities, and exciting programs and events.

One of the best parts about Senior Living communities are the friendships that develop among residents. Being with people from the same generation, who have shared common experiences throughout life can be very fulfilling.

Helping Seniors Build Lives Full of Purpose & Meaning

Whether it be through spending quality time with family members, encouraging a new hobby, volunteering, or hitting the road on a day trip, you can play an important part in helping your loved one combat loneliness, and isolation.

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