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An Elevated Assisted Living Experience

Aging is part of life for everyone. We slow down as we get older, and common household activities gradually become more strenuous. When they reach a breaking point – whether due to medical concerns or daily activities – assisted living services are necessary.

At Frontier, our communities offer exceptional assisted living services for older adults who need a little extra care but want to maintain a fun and social lifestyle.

After move-in, your loved one will have access to skilled caregivers who provide everything necessary for a meaningful, elevated experience.

This is all possible through our Montessori-inspired culture. We believe engagement, socialization, and inclusion are the three most important factors in a life well-lived, and we strive to bring them to our assisted living residents 24/7. Our staff will consider every last detail of senior care to ensure you or your loved one fall in love from the moment you walk into the community.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is one of the levels of care many retirement communities and nursing homes across the country offer. It’s an excellent fit for many senior citizens and mature adults who require a little extra help with their day-to-day activities.

Access to care staff is where the value truly lies in assisted living. Residents living in assisted living facilities live in their own private rooms while receiving extra help with many different medical services from specialized care providers. These hospitality and healthcare staff members monitor residents’ well-being and help keep them healthy.

Our wellness services are robust. They include everything from convenient access to skilled nursing care to activities of daily living (ADLs) – whatever is necessary to maintain a safe and secure living environment. But not all residents are the same. The right Frontier Management senior living community can tailor their services to fit your loved one’s individual care needs.
Frontier assisted living communities provide medical care and residential care while maintaining an active and engaging environment. That includes anything that makes life easier, such as:

  • Laundry services & Housekeeping
  • Personal Care Services
  • Medication management
  • Recreational activities
  • And much more

Most importantly, our staff focuses on increasing and maintaining quality of life as much as possible. We’re 100% committed to this. Our staff ensures each resident receives round-the-clock attention and hands-on continuing care as well as routine access to vibrant social events.

Get started finding the perfect new assisted living community for you or your loved one today!

Frontier’s Award-Winning SPARK Program

When it comes to Assisted Living our communities are among the best in the business. Our success (and the reason residents and family members love our communities) is due to our award-winning SPARK care program and the wonderful caregivers who embody it.

This research-based approach is inspired by Montessori Methods and is key to providing life-changing services to residents. SPARK focuses on engagement, a social lifestyle, and inclusion within the community at large.

The SPARK Difference

  • Based on science and research
  • Proven rehabilitation techniques
  • Aims at increasing engagement and skills
  • Uses proprietary assessment tools that go beyond traditional methods

We understand that the keys to a life well-lived are community, inclusion, and purpose. The SPARK method is based on the teachings and research of Maria Montessori and Dr. Cameron J. Camp and is proven to significantly increase engagement, improve skills and give a sense of meaning and purpose to all despite deficits. We employ therapeutic techniques and special touch-screen technology to compliment daily life and to ensure all residents can participate and engage fully. In addition to cutting-edge technology and design, our communities utilize special assessment tools which go beyond traditional healthcare assessments to focus on what the person can do, rather than what they cannot.

SPARK places ultimate focus on supporting our residents’ ideas, choices, and independence. We empower residents to create a community that speaks to them. Our staff foster the natural spark within each individual by encouraging new ideas and helping to make these ideas a reality.

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Memory Care Resident with Nurse

When to Consider Assisted Living Options

As we age, making important health care decisions isn’t always clear-cut. Everyone ages at their own pace, so everyone’s long-term care solutions should be closely tailored to their unique situation.

Think about it this way – some senior citizens require convenient access to medical treatment at any given time, while others simply want more social interaction and fewer responsibilities around the house. These two prospective residents will require different lifestyle solutions to meet their needs.

So we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach for when you should explore independent living or assisted living communities. We can, however, help navigate a few key factors.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Become Strenuous

One of the most accurate indicators of needing long-term care options is the ability to perform Activities of Daily Living. These include bathing, hygiene, dressing, toileting, transferring, and eating. If these are becoming more challenging for your loved one, you should start considering your options.

Home Care is no Longer an Option

Assisted living becomes necessary once receiving home care is no longer viable. Sure, having family members around is great for support, but worsening medical conditions or increasing difficulty navigating the household (or both) can take its toll.

Assisted Living Costs Are Manageable

While an assisted living community may seem expensive, it is actually quite cost-effective. When your loved one enrolls in a Frontier community, your expenses cover everything from room and board to food to skilled nursing - all expenses you would be paying if they lived at home, just more convenient. This is especially true if they have long-term care insurance.

Find the Right Assisted Living Community For You

With over 120 care facilities across the United States, we've got just the place for you. Get in touch with a local community today to learn more about how we can help make life easier.