What is the Best Walker for Seniors?

Learn more about the best walkers for seniors!
What is the Best Walker for Seniors?

Best Walkers for Seniors

There are many types of walkers available on the market today to help seniors with mobility issues.   Choosing a walker should be done carefully to ensure that it meets the unique needs of the person using it. Let’s take a look at some important aspects of selecting the right walker, as well as the various types that can be purchased.  

Walker Characteristics  

No matter what kind of walker you consider, be sure to keep in mind these important characteristics.   


Stability is critical when it comes to someone relying on a walker to move around. Be sure that the one you choose feels secure. Walkers are a lot like buying a new pair of shoes. You always want to test them out, walking around in the store, before making a purchase. 


A walker should be set up to meet the unique needs of each person. It is important to look for walkers that can be adjusted for height (handle comfort).   

Brake System 

When evaluating a walker, be sure to try out the handbrakes. In most models, handbrakes when gripped will lock and help control the walker’s movements. If grip strength or hand dexterity is an issue, choose a walker with brakes that can be applied with little effort.    

Weight Rating 

Check to see what the weight capacity is for any walker you consider. Most are rated for up to 300 pounds. Safety is the top priority for durable medical equipment, so be sure that the walker you choose is appropriate for the senior using it. 

Woman using walker in library


Grandmother using walker and walking with granddaughter

Types of Walkers for Seniors 

Standard, wheeled, and rollators are the three most common categories of walkers. Within these, there’s an endless variety from which to choose.    

Standard Walkers 

Standard walkers offer sturdy stability and support, and are best for indoor use and shorter distances. They have four rubber-tipped legs and typically can be adjusted from 32” to 40” high. The width of a standard walker is approximately 24” to 30”.   

Two Wheeled Walkers  

Two wheeled walkers have wheels in the front of the walker. Seniors that use two wheeled walkers can   glide over surfaces rather than at times having to pick the walker up. Most two wheeled walkers are built to fold for compact storage and transportation. These types of walkers are best for flat surfaces and work well on most carpets.  

Four Wheeled Walkers or Rollators 

Walkers with more than two wheels are often called rollators.  A rollator has four wheels that can move in all directions. This type of walker offers great range of motion, has a seat, as well as some storage options.   

Frontier Senior Living is Here to Help  

Walkers provide seniors with mobility issues the freedom to safely walk and participate in daily activities. Just as no two people are alike, neither are their needs when it comes to choosing a walker. Be sure to purchase the one that best matches your senior’s specific requirements.  

Sometimes, the need for a walker could be the first indication that a senior may not be able to safely remain in their own home. Find out more about how to know when an older person should no longer live alone.   

The professionals at Frontier have helped many families with their senior community living needs. If you would like more information about whether one of our communities would be a good fit for you or a loved one, we cordially invite you to visit one of our properties, take a tour, and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Learn more about how to evaluate a senior living community.   

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