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What to Do When an Elderly Parent Refuses to Move

Learn more about the right approaches to take when your loved ones are hesitant about moving into a senior living community
What to Do When an Elderly Parent Refuses to Move

As seniors age, it can become increasingly challenging for them to complete daily household tasks, such as laundry, house cleaning, and washing dishes. In addition, being able to properly care for themselves usually becomes an issue around the same time. Giving an older loved one the opportunity to try out a senior community can be a very positive experience for them.

But what happens when the older adult in your life who has been living in the same home for many years refuses to move?  Should this occur in your family, it is certainly not unique. This kind of resistance does happen and despite the initial conflict that sometimes takes place, a positive outcome is well worth the effort.

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What Steps can you take when an Elderly Parent Refuses Help?

Here are a few strategies that are helpful to use when an aging loved one is resisting a move away from their own home.

Try to Understand the Initial Reluctance to Move

One of the first steps you can take is to initiate a conversation to better understand your loved one’s fears, and worries about moving. Knowing what is at the heart of their core issues will help you navigate the situation as you to work through the process.

In addition, be sure to actively listen during conversations, without interrupting. This can be tough at times, but it gives your loved one the chance to fully express their feelings.

Treat Your Senior Parent like an Adult

As parents age, adult children sometimes begin to start treating them differently, almost like one of their own children. It is very important to remember that it was your parents who raised you, so continuing to give them the respect and control over their own lives that they deserve is extremely important.

Give Them Time to Process the Idea

When people have to make big life decisions, it is only natural for them to need time to process certain aspects of it. Nobody likes to be rushed, especially when important decisions are involved, so give your parent time to absorb the possibility of moving into a senior community. Once any initial shock about the idea has subsided, chances are that they will be much more willing to discuss it calmly.

Research Communities with Them

One of the best ways to help your elderly parent consider moving to a senior community is by sitting down together and looking into the different options available to them.

Make them an active participant in the process and they will be much more emotionally invested in the idea. Once they see for themselves all of the benefits that residing in a senior living community offers, the idea will become much more of their own and it will be much easier to get their approval and motivation to participate in the process.

Accept that Your Elderly Parent may not Move Right Now

Even after having many open conversations, discussing the benefits, and learning about new communities, your loved one may still be opposed to moving and continue to refuse. When this happens, you may need to accept this reality for now and do everything you can to help them manage in their current home.

However, do not let their current resistance to the idea discourage you in the long run. As their needs continue to evolve, your parent may be much more open to the idea in time. The work that you put into tackling the subject today will pay dividends when it’s time to make a future move.

Frontier Management is Here to Help

For an aging loved one, the idea of moving to a senior living community can be wrought with fear and reluctance. The highly knowledgeable and compassionate team at Frontier has worked with many families to help them make a loved one’s transition to a senior community much easier.

We would be more than happy to discuss your specific situation. If you would like to learn more, we cordially invite you to visit one of our beautiful communities, take a tour and speak with our friendly and compassionate team.

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