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Dear Friends of Frontier Management,

The year of 2020 will mark our 20th Anniversary of Serving Seniors and our 2020 Vision has never been more clear! The passion and commitment for what we do, who we serve and whom we serve beside is unapparelled and we look forward to continuing our never ending efforts to improve and

create the Best In Class communities. The communities are prepared to serve those whom live, thrive and receive exceptional service delivery in away that is far more elevated, with enhanced features and benefits and where dignified living is felt upon your very first impression.

2020 is already showing signs to be our best year yet. We expanded our reach and number of communities last year but we are still preparing to open in Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Texas. New construction will continue in California, Florida, Mississippi and Texas. These are very exciting times!

Most importantly, we are expanding our service delivery by continuing to improve our hospitality features to enhance life at our communities; by continuing to emphasize staff development and training; by achieving great results in our compliance with licensing and by participating in volunteerism and charitable programs to demonstrate our commitment to the greater good. Finally, we will continue to participate in industry programs and organizations to improve our profession and our skills.

Your selecting a Frontier community as the home for yourself or your loved one means so very much to me, my team and to my family. As I continue to focus on my children, health, business and family and friends, I am able to appreciate change, new chapters and the importance of living in a balanced and positive life. This is a journey and I am glad to have you as a part of it!

Thank you for choosing Frontier as your choice in senior living and care. It is an honor to be a part of your family.

Kindest regards,

Greg Roderick