5 Great Activities to Do with Your Older Loved One

No matter what your senior loved one’s physical capabilities are, there are plenty of exciting things to do with them. Let’s look at 5 fun activities to do with seniors.
5 Great Activities to Do with Your Older Loved One

Spending quality time with your older loved one is very important for their physical and emotional well-being. No matter what your senior loved one’s physical capabilities are, there are plenty of exciting things to do with them. Let’s look at 5 fun activities to do with seniors.

Planting an Indoor Garden

If your loved one has a green thumb, planting a small indoor garden is a great way to spend time together. Indoor gardens can thrive regardless of the weather outside, and there are many plant options available, such as mint, chives, parsley, and even certain flowers and vegetables. Once the plants are grown and ready to be picked, encourage your loved one to help you prepare meals with their harvest as ingredients.


Creating a scrapbook with your older loved one is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Gather pictures and other mementos together and decide how they should be organized in a scrapbook.

Some scrap bookers put their collections together in a chronological order, while others may focus on a specific person or event for each one. No matter how you create a scrap book with your loved one, the process is sure to bring back many fond memories.

Playing Games

Nothing says family fun like gathering together to play an old fashioned board game. Ask your loved one which games are their favorites.

Many of the classic board games from years ago are still available today, including Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy Land, and Risk. Schedule a family game night, and invite everyone in the family to participate, including siblings, adult children and especially grandchildren. There are sure to be plenty of laughs around the table as lasting memories are made.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a wonderful way to spend time with older loved ones, as it doesn’t require a great deal of physical agility. Find out if there are any bird watching clubs in your area, and where they meet. Many clubs offer classes before an event to familiarize participants with the types of birds they will be seeing.

Even if your loved one uses a wheelchair, there are plenty of outdoor spaces such as forest preserves that have paved paths from which the sights and sounds of local birds can be enjoyed.

Visiting a Farmer’s Market

There’s nothing like visiting a bustling Farmer’s Market on a beautiful weekend morning to take in all the vegetables, fruits, and other items sold by local merchants. In addition, there are usually vendors selling coffee and breakfast items to enjoy, such as muffins, egg sandwiches, and croissants. 

Extend the Farmer’s Market experience with your loved one by preparing meals with the fruits and vegetables you purchased.

Fun Things to Do with Elderly Parents

For many seniors, loneliness and inactivity are quite common. Spending time with family members and engaging in fun activities are very important. Such experiences as planting an indoor garden, creating scrapbooks, playing board games, or visiting a Farmer’s Market will brighten your loved one’s days and create deeper bonds with family members.

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