5 Great Ways to Stay Connected with a Loved One in an Assisted Living Community

Learn more about activities that help you stay connected with your elderly loved ones
5 Great Ways to Stay Connected with a Loved One in an Assisted Living Community

When a parent or older loved one moves into an Assisted Living Community, it is very important that family members and friends maintain the same level of connection with them that existed previously. Senior living communities are very supportive of this, as it plays a huge role in the overall well-being of their residents.

Let’s look at 5 great ways to stay physically and emotionally connected with a loved one who lives in an Assisted Living Community.

Sharing Memories

Reminiscing over special family memories, such as weddings, birthdays, vacations, and other joyful experiences is a great way to keep the family bond strong. When you visit your loved one, bring in photo albums, videos from your phone or other mementos that will bring happiness to everyone involved.

Utilize Technology 

In today’s digital age, technologies such as FaceTime are a fantastic way to visit with loved ones, even if a family member is out of state. In addition to speaking to someone over the phone, being able to see them on live video makes the experience even more special. Showing your loved one videos on your phone of other family members, sporting events or other special occasions is a simple but very powerful way to keep everyone connected.

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Take Advantage of Local Attractions

If your parent or older loved one is capable of it, take them out for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant. Also, visiting a local park and enjoying the outdoors can do wonders for the mind and spirit.   

Events don’t have to be complicated or far away for family members to enjoy spending time together.  

Enjoy a Meal Together at the Community

While dining out is always an enjoyable experience, nearly all Assisted Living communities encourage friends and family members to visit their loved ones to enjoy a meal together on property. Quality communities offer delicious food in a relaxed and comfortable setting and there is plenty of room for everyone.

Going for a Drive

Taking a drive together in the car is another great way to enjoy lively conversation as you take in beautiful scenery. It will give your loved one the chance to see something new and catch up on the latest news about everyone in the family.

Frontier Senior Living is Here to Help

The highly experienced and knowledgeable team at Frontier Senior Living has helped many families stay both physically and emotionally connected with their loved ones living in one of our Assisted Living Communities. We want all of our residents to thrive and always enjoy the company of their close relatives and friends. In addition, our award winning Spark™ program provides residents with the opportunity to participate in many joyful and life enhancing activities and events.

To learn more about Spark™ click here:  https://frontiermgmt.com/frontiers-spark-program/.

 If you would like information about one of our beautiful Assisted Living Communities, we cordially invite you to visit a property, take a tour and speak with our friendly and compassionate staff.

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