6 Great Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Seniors

In this blog, we will take a look at 6 great stocking stuffer presents that your loved one can use all throughout the year.
6 Great Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Seniors

Before we know it, the Holiday season will be upon us, and thoughts turn to gifts we can give our loved ones to show how much they mean to us. When it comes to buying gifts for seniors, selecting items that make their lives easier or more enjoyable are always appreciated. In this blog, we will take a look at 6 great stocking stuffer presents that your loved one can use all throughout the year.

Thermal Socks

Who doesn’t enjoy keeping their feet toasty during the colder months of the year? Many seniors experience circulation issues as they get older, and a pair or two of thick, thermal socks will be very appreciated.

There are many kinds of thermal socks to choose from, made from wool or cotton. They come in a variety of styles and colors, and are easy to put on or take off.

Senior woman getting ready in the morning
Retired seniors relaxing at their retirement center.

Mind Stimulating Puzzles or Games

According to Harvard Medical School, memory and thinking skills in seniors can be improved by engaging in mind stimulating puzzles or games. Ask your loved one what kind of games or puzzles they enjoy.

Whether it be crossword puzzles, numbers games like Sudoku, or the ever popular Wordle, your loved one will enjoy the challenges they provide. Puzzles or games are also a great way to engage the entire family to spend some quality time together.

An LED Magnifying Glass

If your loved one has a hard time seeing fine print, or could use some help looking at something more closely, a magnifying glass with an LED light is a great gift.

There are many styles to choose from, with magnifying strengths ranging from 3X, 5X, and 10X. Both handheld products and desk mounted magnifying glasses are available and reasonably priced.

Whether your loved one is reading, sewing, or working on a project, the built in LED light will brighten everything for them to see as clearly as possible.

Senior Woman At Home Reading Book Using Magnifying Glass
Home doctor is visiting senior man to check his health. Professional caregiver is assisting old man at his home.

A Long Handle Back Scratcher

It may sound a bit silly to give a long handled back scratcher as a gift to your loved one, but they sure come in handy when needed! When a pesky itch can’t be reached, a back scratcher is worth its weight in gold!

These handy devices come in a wide variety of styles, from basic wood ones, to metal in a variety of colors. Find one that your loved one would best enjoy using.

A Gift Card

As the old expression goes, a gift card fits everyone perfectly. Treat your loved one to a gift card from their favorite restaurant, and enjoy a great meal together. If they like to shop online, a gift card to favorite retailer will also be greatly appreciated.

Universally accepted gift cards from companies like VISA can be used virtually anywhere in the world that accepts a credit card for payment. One of the best things about a gift card is that they allow your loved one to pick a present that they choose for themselves.

Happy mother reading card from daughter
A close-up of woman washing hands with natural lavender soap, ecological sustainable lifestyle.

Scented Soaps & Lotions

Make every day of the week a little like a spa day by giving your loved one a variety of scented soaps or lotions to enjoy. These products are calming, and their soothing fragrances are a treat for the senses.

There is nearly an endless variety of scented soaps and lotions available today, made from oatmeal, tree tea oil, lavender, lemon, and many other fragrances.

Showing Your Loved One How Much You Appreciate Them

Stocking stuffers are a great way to personalize gift giving, and provide your loved one with things they will enjoy year-round. Whether it be the gift of warm socks, puzzles or games, an LED magnifying glass, a back scratcher, a gift card, or some scented soaps and lotions, your loved one will know you took the time to pick out a present just for them. 

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