7 Great Ways to Help Your Mom or Dad After a Stroke

Here are some great things you can do to assist your loved one at home after a stroke.
7 Great Ways to Help Your Mom or Dad After a Stroke

Trying to help an older loved one returning home after a stroke can be very challenging. The good news is that there are many ways you can assist them during the recovery process. Here are some great things you can do to assist your loved one at home after a stroke.

Learn All You Can About Strokes

If you have not previously dealt with someone who has survived a stroke, there is a lot to learn. Take the time to educate yourself as much as possible on what a stroke is, and how it affects people. Be sure to ask your loved one’s healthcare providers questions, and also do your own research.

The more you understand about your loved one’s situation, the better you will be able to help care for them.

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Adapting Their Home

According to the American Stroke Association, more than 75% of stroke patients will fall in the home within 6 months. It is crucial that you adapt your loved one’s home so a fall risk can be minimized. Make your loved one’s safety a top priority.

Evaluate the living areas of the home, and eliminate any trip hazards. Another great way to keep them safe is to install grab bars, non-slip mats, bright lighting, and other safety equipment in the home. Emphasize to your loved one that they must always use their cane or walker when moving around the house.

Encourage Daily Movement

Helping your loved one stay physically active in line with their capabilities will be very important during their recovery journey. Any movement they are capable of will be a great help in keeping them as limber as possible. Work with your loved one’s physical therapy team to determine what kind of exercise is best suited for them.

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Provide Nutritious Meals

One of the most important things you can do for a loved one who is recovering from a stroke is to ensure they are eating nutritious meals in order to gain strength and endurance.

Help them prepare meals that are well balanced, and promote health and healing. While there is nothing wrong with a treat once in a while, eating healthfully will be the best way to supply the energy they need to fuel their recovery efforts.

Help Them Stay Mentally Alert

Encourage your loved one to read books, watch movies, do puzzles, or any other activity that will stimulate their cognitive abilities. This will help them in their effort to not only try and regain what was lost as a result of the stroke, but also maintain their cognitive function for the future.

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Encourage Them to Stay Optimistic

Do all you can to help your loved one stay positive and optimistic about their stroke recovery journey. One’s mental attitude about adverse circumstances can play a significant role in maximizing the success of the recovery process.

It may seem difficult at times to help keep them motivated to persevere, but their optimism about the situation will be extremely beneficial.

Follow Their Medical Care Plan

In addition to providing the best home care possible for your loved one, be sure they are committed to following their doctor’s medical and therapy plan for them.

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Discover 7 great ways to support your parent after a stroke: 1) Help with daily tasks 2) Encourage exercise 3) Attend doctor appointments 4) Provide emotional support 5) Assist with medication management 6) Offer healthy meals 7) Spend quality time together.

Helping Your Loved One Recover from a Stroke

Recovering from a stroke can be difficult for some seniors, but in many cases, it can be done successfully.

By learning all you can about their condition, adapting your loved one’s home with safety considerations in mind, encouraging them to stay as physically active as possible, providing nutritious meals, helping them stay mentally alert, and optimistic, and finally encouraging them to closely follow their doctor’s medical plan, your loved one will be in the best position possible to maximize the results of their recovery process. 

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