Gorgeous Grandmas

In honor of National Gorgeous Grandma Day on July 23rd, Frontier Senior Living celebrates two of our beautiful residents in this edition of Gorgeous Grandmas.
Gorgeous Grandmas

Gorgeous Grandma Roberta Williams
A Beacon of True Radiance

Roberta Williams, our iridescent jewel, traces her origins back to Battle Creek, Michigan. She attributes much of her values and blueprint for life to her mother’s influence. Roberta has genuine care and warmth about her; she has touched us all at Eternal Spring of Gilbert, and we will always be grateful to her mother.

Roberta cherishes every moment spent with her grandchildren. She dispenses grandmotherly love and wisdom on each one, treating them as the kin they are but also as companions instilling solid values and passing on traditions in them.

She enjoys learning about their passions and interests in order to interact with them more deeply. She emphasizes the power of a storybook with her younger ones, diving into vibrant worlds with the turn of every page and fostering their artistic pursuits through the bright hues of their favorite coloring book. She immerses herself in their universe, creating a bond steeped in understanding and mutual respect.

With her older grandchildren, Roberta takes a more conversational approach. She likes to understand their aspirations, engage with their hobbies, and delve into their academic interests. Roberta believes in imparting essential life lessons such as financial responsibility and fostering strong moral values.  

“Teach your grandchildren how to save money and teach them values. Kids today know so many new things; when you are with them, you can learn from them too!” she advises.

When asked about her secret to radiating beauty and confidence, Roberta’s wisdom was simple yet profound. She believes in the power of kindness and being of service to others.

“True beauty comes from being kind and helpful. Pay attention to what others say and try to make them feel special. Let them know they are important and not alone. Our friends are especially important, and we cannot live without friendship.”

As for physical beauty, Roberta recommends highlighting what is naturally there, enhancing the charm one is inherently blessed with.

Our luminous Roberta admitted feeling like royalty after a rejuvenating beauty session at Eternal Spring of Gilbert. The shower of attention and care left her gleaming with happiness. Roberta exemplifies beauty in its purest form – an electric fusion of inner grace and external allure. From the moment we met Roberta, we agreed she is a timeless beauty and profoundly inspiring! She truly is the star of her extraordinary life.

Gorgeous Grandma Carole
Unlocking Ageless Beauty

There is a unique and captivating charm found only in Gorgeous Grandmas. Let the youth have their flexibility and energy, these remarkable women defy gravity by embracing their beauty, sharing their wisdom, and living life to the fullest. Today we celebrate Carole, a resident of The Auberge at Missoula Valley!

Gorgeous Grandma Carole carries a wealth of experiences and wisdom that only adds to her beauty. Over the years, she has endured trials and tribulations, and her journey has shaped her into the extraordinary being she is today. With confidence and poise, Carole is both inspiring and captivating!

Being of service and having a good heart is essential to Carole. She enjoys nurturing meaningful relationships and connections and understands the deep impact of love and compassion on her family and those in the community. Carole has always had a strong desire to help people and be of service to anyone in need. Where ever Carole goes, she creates a ripple effect of positivity, leaving an indelible mark on everyone.

Chatting with Carole is refreshing. She loves to have meaningful conversations and has a delightful curiosity about her. Her unwavering interest in others shines as brightly as she does. In a world that values personal success, Carole wants us to remember the beauty and joy of a selfless mindset. Carole’s advice is to develop an interest in others and seek to listen. Then we can forge deep and lasting connections and make a difference in someone’s life.

Being in Carole’s company is a reminder that true beauty resides within those that uplift others.

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