What Are the Duties of an In-Home Family Caregiver for the Elderly?

Let’s take a look at the duties of an in-home family caregiver and what assistance can be provided to an older loved one in such a setting.
What Are the Duties of an In-Home Family Caregiver for the Elderly?

For some families, there comes a time when an older loved one may no longer be fully independent in their own home and will require daily assistance. Usually, it is a family member of the older person who takes on the role of being an in-home caregiver.

Let’s take a look at the duties of an in-home family caregiver and what assistance can be provided to an older loved one in such a setting.

Helping with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Some seniors get to a point when they can no longer perform the activities of daily living (ADLs) independently. ADLs include bathing, dressing, eating, using the restroom, or moving around in the house. In-home family caregivers can help seniors complete these essential tasks in a safe and dignified manner.

Because not every older person’s assistance needs are the same, an in-home family caregiver should assess how much help their loved one needs with the activities of daily living. Once an assessment is made, the family member can put a care strategy in place to address the older person’s specific needs.

Supporting Medical Needs

In-home family caregivers are in a good position to determine what medical needs their loved one might have.

Ensuring that their loved one takes their medication daily, sees the doctor when needed, and follows up with any aftercare plans are important tasks that should be performed by the in-home family caregiver.

Housekeeping Help

As seniors age, basic housekeeping tasks can become difficult. In-home family caregivers are a great help in keeping an older person’s home clean and tidy. Washing dishes, doing laundry, dusting, and vacuuming are essential tasks that the family caregiver can do.

Assessing what housekeeping duties have been neglected by the senior is a good way to determine their overall physical capabilities.

Preparing Meals

Preparing meals is one of the most important activities an in-home family caregiver can perform for a senior loved one who needs extra help around the house.

Many older people can no longer safely cook or prepare healthful meals alone. This often causes a senior to resort to unhealthy eating choices for the sake of convenience. An in-home family caregiver can ensure that the older person they are helping gets the nutrition they need.

Providing Companionship

One of the most important duties of an in-home family caregiver is to provide companionship to a senior who is struggling with isolation. Feelings of loneliness can lead to serious emotional issues such as depression and anxiety.

A caregiver’s companionship can do so much to help an older person feel connected to others. Spending time together chatting, watching TV, or playing a game is a great way to keep a senior’s spirits high.

When In-Home Family Caregiving Becomes Challenging

Providing in-home family caregiving to an older loved one can be a wonderful experience, but it is also often challenging.

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